Biyans R&D has carried out its projects with the support of Turkish Republic Ministry of Industry and TradeTechno-entrepreneurship Program, KOSGEB, TUBITAK TEYDEB, Development Agencies and EU Horizon 2020 programs since 2009.

IPM-4-CITRUS aims to develop a new biological insecticide against citrus pests. The project set out to market the product development stage from lab with international partners from European Union member countries (France, Germany, Italy), EU candidate countries (Turkey, Tunisia), and the third category of countries (Lebanon) studies are conducted with academic and non-academic researchers. Our company carries out field trials and ecotoxicological as one SME partner from Turkey. For detailed information:

The project implemented with the support of the TAGEM R&D 2015-69 project, a specialized device for immediate and on-site soil analysis was developed with LIBS (Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy) technology. Within the scope of this project, joint studies with the TDEB program and the Rothamsted Institute have started. For detailed information:


We offer special services for minimizing the effects of pollutants such as petroleum and pesticides on ecosystem components such as water and soil and recovery of contaminated areas. First of all, samples of contaminated areas are taken from the land and the situation is determined and then solution proposals are developed for the area.

We offer both economic and long-term solutions for the sustainable recovery of eutrophic and hypertrophic wetlands contaminated by anthropogenic or environmental factors. The benthic barrier system was applied by our company for the first time in Ankara Branch of the 9th Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs and in Çubuk Karagöl. :

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