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We offer tailor-made project design and consultancy services according to the needs of our customers in national and global projects.
Yolcusunun Pusula
Needs Analysis Service

We carry out work-specific needs analysis service to find out the needs of customers. In this way, it is ensured that the clear goals and success criteria of the projects are determined and efficient results are obtained.

Project Planning Service

After the needs of the institutions are determined, we offer solution-based proposals for project development and implementation.

Impact Analysis Service

In order to reveal the true impact of a project, project-specific solutions should be presented. The effect of the work done by using scientific methods is reported in projects with agriculture, environment, and human factors.

Capacity Building Service

We determine the need of our customers for capacity building service is necessary for their institutional and strategic development. In this way, we ensure that our customers gain a sustainable structure, especially for agriculture and environment-oriented business models.

Education Services

We design education models for the development of our customers in technical fields specific to their needs and provide practical training with expert trainers. For detailed information:

Technical Magazine Services

Special subscription solutions for access to international technical publications and translation services for technical publications are offered.

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