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About us

Our company established in 2009 with the supports of the Turkish Republic Ministry of Industry Techno-entrepreneurship Program. Biyans works on the field of agriculture and environment with R&D and applied projects which are specially developed according to the needs of our customers.
Biyans R&D

Our slogan is "Biological Solutions to Ecological Problems". We have realized with many projects with corporate companies, universities and public institutions such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Nature Conservation and National Parks. We offer R&D based solutions in the field of agriculture and environment. 

Çevre İşçi

Ensuring the safety of our field and laboratory team is one of the most important issues. We carry out the necessary checks periodically with our Occupational Health and Safety specialist and physician.


Our guides are  "nature and technology" while developing strategies. We offer long-term solutions by combining the technologies of the future with sustainable methods.

Environment and Sustainability

We believe the importance of sustainability and protection of the environment in all the projects which we develop, all services and product solutions we provide.

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