We do not perform routine analysis (except sex determination in birds), we adapt analysis according to your need.

Environmental analysis (ex: trophic level and pollution in lake and fresh water, pollution in soil, pesticides: Quechers/ GC-MS

Soil protection and planning

Microbiological analysis (ex: microorganism identification, antimicrobial activity)

Molecular biology analysis (ex: cloning, marker analysis, species identification, real time PCR, bird DNA sexing)

Sex Determination of Birds (routine analysis): In birds, morphological features are not enough to determine their sex. In addition, the behavioral approach is not adequate as well. due to transgender behaviors. Therefore,  molecular techniques have been developed to determine sex of most of the bird species. The male bird is the homomorphic sex (ZZ) and the female heteromorphic (ZW). The CHD gene region on these chromosomes is used to determine sexes through PCR techniques (Griffith et al., 1998). In order to send a sample or to obtain more information please contact via e-mail:


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